City of Taylors Falls

Administration, Finances & Comprehensive Plan

City of Taylors Falls MN city hall

Assessment Searches
The City of Taylors Falls charges $15.00 for assessment searches, including utility bill information.

To complete this request, please email with the property address in the subject line. Please provide requesting agency information, as well as closing date and owner (current and new) information if available. The City will email a form with the requested information to you as soon as possible.

Your project may require a zoning permit, a building permit or both. Please contact Elizabeth Haas, the Zoning Administrator, to start your permitting process.

Zoning Permit Application

Link to Building Permits through Chisago County.

Includes copies of Development code, City Comprehensive Plan, City Ordinances, Meeting Packets

Photo Copies (1-100 pages):   $0.10 per page
Photo Copies (100 + pages) or non-paper data:   $0.10 per page or $29.75 per hr. of employee time to make copies

Photo Copies (1-100):    $0.25 per page or $29.75 per hr of employee time to search and retrieve the data and make copies
Photo Copies (100+ pages) or non-paper data:   $0.25 per page or $29.75 per hr of employee time to search and retrieve the data and make copies

$29.75 per hr of employee time to make copies

Rates Established Per Policy

Dog—unfixed:  $10.00
Dog—fixed:  $5.00
Cat—unfixed:  $5.00
Cat—fixed:  $3.00
Impound Fee:  Actual Cost
Kennel License:  $50.00
Dangerous Dog Registration:  $200.00
Replace Animal Tag:  $2.00

Community Center Rental Requires $100.00 deposit
Normal Rental Resident: $275.00  |  Non-Resident: $325.00
1/2 Day Normal Rental Resident: $125.00 |  Non-Resident: $150.00
Dances (Public or Wedding) Resident: $325.00 |  Non-Resident: $375.00
Commercial Use Resident: $375.00 |  Non-Resident: $475.00
Janitorial Services Resident: $25.00 per hour |  Non-Resident: $35.00 per hour
Police Supervision (2 hr. minimum) $64.12 per hour
Reduced $50.00

$50.00 (2 hour rental)

License Investigation Fee:  $50.00
On-Sale:  $1,800.00
Temporary On-Sale:  $10.00 per hour
On-Sale Wine:  $100.00
On-Sale Beer:  $100.00
On-Sale Liquor:  $150.00
Sunday On-Sale:  $200.00
Beer Off-Sale:  $100.00

Adult Use Business License: $3,500.00
⤷ Investigative Fee: $1,500.00
Pawn Broker License: $1500.00
⤷ Investigative Fee: $500.00

Burning Permit: $20.00
Cigarette Sales License: $150.00
Dance/Live Music Permit: $20.00
Deer Hunt Fee: $5.00
Explosive: $500.00
Fireworks License: $500.00
Gambling Permit—City: $10.00 per day (does not apply to door prizes or bingo where total prizes less than $5000/year)
>>>(exempt from State Licensing requirements)
Hotel/Motel License: $150.00 per year
Lodging Tax: 3% to be paid quarterly
Peddler Licenses: $100.00 per month
⤷ Peddler Investigation Fee: $50.00
Transient Merchants: $25.00 per weekday
Transient Merchants: $40.00 per weekend day
Replace License: $1.00
Solid Waste Collection License : $150.00

Attorney Hourly Fee: Actual Cost
City Staff Hourly Fee: $45.00
Engineer Hourly Fee: Actual Cost
Planner Hourly Fee: Actual Cost

>>>Hole: $125.00
>>>Trench: $1.50 per foot, plus base fee
Obstruction: $50.00
>>>Lineal Foot: $0.50 per foot, plus base fee
Delay Penalty: $60.00 up to 3 days late
Additional Delay Penalty: $60.00 per day over 3 days