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Public Works / Utilities

City of Taylors Falls MN city hall

The Public Works Superintendent for the City of Taylors Falls is Kevin Gruber.

City Hall Phone: 651-465-5133 ext. 32
Cellphone: 651-783-6344
Email: publicworks@taylorsfalls.org

We strive to provide a quality environment for the City of Taylors Falls and ensure that the city’s roadways and streets are safe, clean and attractive. In addition, we are responsible for providing quality drinking water and sanitary sewer services for our residents. The Public Works Department also maintains street lighting and provides snow removal.

The work done by this department often goes unseen by the general public, but is vital to the health of the city and its residents.

The Taylors Falls Public Works department consists of Superintendent Kevin Gruber and Maintenance Worker Paul Stenger. During the summer the department hires part-time seasonal help.

The superintendent is responsible for all aspects of the Public Works department, including but not limited to: water and wastewater systems & facilities; streets; storm sewer systems; parks; and city property, equipment & buildings. The superintendent can be reached at City Hall: 651-465-5133 (extension 32), or by cellphone in an emergency: 651-783-6344. His email address is publicworks@taylorsfalls.org.

Paul Stenger, our Public Works Maintenance Worker, has been with the City since November of 2018. He can be reached at the shop by calling 651-465-5133 (extension 25) or by calling his cellphone, 651-783-6343. His email address is maintenance@taylorsfalls.org.

City utilities are billed every two months and typically due within 30 days. The exact day of billing and the service period depend upon when the Public Works team can read the meters. The following is the approximate schedule, which will often vary depending upon the Public Works workload.

Billing of January
For the service period of November through December

Billing of March
For the service period of January through February

Billing of May
For the service period of March through April

Billing of July
For the service period of May through June

Billing of September
For the service period of July through August

Billing of November
For the service period of September through October

Public Works Responsibilities:

  • Supervising special projects and events (Wannigan Days, Lighting Festival, etc.)
  • Emergencies
  • Mowing
  • Tree trimming
  • Carpentry and masonry
  • Landscaping and weeding
  • Pothole patching
  • Sealing cracks
  • Flagging & traffic control
  • Trash pick-up
  • Manholes
  • Street signs
  • Street sweeping
  • Snow plowing, sanding, and de-icing
  • Sidewalk maintenance including snow removal
  • Performing routine maintenance or repair on city equipment
  • Planning, coordinating, and carrying out short and long-term work schedules for construction, inspections, maintenance, repair, and cleaning of city streets and other public rights-of-way, city parks, the storm sewer system, and sidewalks
  • Locating water and sewer lines for contractors through Gopher-One Locates
  • Maintaining the city’s entire water system and sewer system
  • Maintaining water meters in the city by trouble-shooting, repairing, replacing, or upgrading as needed
  • Flushing water hydrants
  • Cleaning sewer lines
  • Investigating citizen complaints


Please email clerktreasurer@taylorsfalls.org or call 651-465-5133 x21 or 22 (you can leave a voicemail if necessary). Provide the service address, billing name and address, date of closing or move-in, name of landlord or renter if applicable, and a phone number for the resident at that address.

Forms of payments:  Cash/Check/Credit Card

NEW!!  Online payments are now available

You may also mail payments or use the lock-box outside of the City Hall front door.

If you do not see a payment credited on your next bill, feel free to contact City Hall at 651-465-5133 ext. 21 or email clerktreasurer@taylorsfalls.org.

Please understand that it takes time for payments to be processed.

For various reasons, utility bills may be mailed at different times to different residents. Your neighbor’s bill has nothing to do with you. There is no need to contact our office.

The utility bills will be sent to the regular billing address on file.  If you need the billing address to be changed, contact the City.  It is your responsibility to change it back.

Utility Fees

New” $2,500.00
Reconnect (turn on or off): $40.00
After hours: $65.00
Meter: $350.00
Inspection: $40.00
Maintenance Repair/ Work: $40.00 per hour/1 hour minimum
Well Construction Permit: $100.00
Resident Water Base Charge: $6.53 per REU
⤷ Water Usage Fee: $3.62 per thousand gallons
Non-resident Water Base Charge: $9.80 per REU
⤷ Water Usage Fee: $5.43 per thousand gallons
Water Haulers Water Rate: $8.00 per thousand gallons
Meter Reading/Testing: $30.00
Late Payment Fee: 10% of delinquent balance
Annual State Fee: $9.72 $1.62 bi-monthly
Annual New Well Fee: $60.00 $10.00 bi-monthly per statute
Bond Amount: $25,000.00 per statute
Repair or Replace Water Line: $40.00
Violation of Water Restriction Order: $50.00 per day/violation
Trunk Water Main Area Fee: $1,375.00 per acre
——— $550.00 per dwelling

New: $2,500.00
Inspection: $40.00
Sewer Base Charge: $17.36 per REU
Sewer Usage Fee: $3.03
Late Payment Fee: 10% of delinquent balance
Repair/Replace Sewer Line Permit Fee: $40.00
Maintenance Repair/Work: $45.00 per hour, 1 hour minimum
Septic System Permit: $100.00
Septic Tank Disposal: $30.00 per load
Trunk Sanitary Sewer Area Fees:
⤷ Plant Expansion: $517.00 per acre
>>>>>>>>$207.00 per dwelling
⤷ Trunk Sewer Main & Lift Stations: $1,863.00 per acre
>>>>>>>>$745.00 per dwelling

Classification 1-4: $1.50 per REF